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Sunday, January 29, 2006

ESPN columnist is hip and has ESP or err ESPN, the mind thingy

I was searching the internet about the band giant drag and Bill Simmons of ESPN mentioned them in this paragraph:

The Harlem Shuffle Award for Funniest Attempt to Prove You're Hip
To Fox and CBS for moving out of the '70s with their "Cool music with a quick riff to get you fired up for the football game" choices -- Fox played the Killers (welcome to the 21st century, Fox!), while CBS played "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction (welcome to the '90s, CBS!). Terrible news for Billy Squier, Bad Company, George Thorogood and everyone else who relied on the royalties from live sporting events.

(Note to the networks: If you're interested in songs from the last year with good instrumental hooks, try "Banquet" by Bloc Party, "Sweet Troubled Soul" by StellaStarr*, "Tribulations" by LCD Soundsystem, "This Isn't It" by Giant Drag and "Finding Out True Love is Blind" by Louis XIV. We're all pulling for you guys to get this right some day. And yes, I spend way too much time on iTunes and checking my e-mail, hoping they'll ask me to make a Celebrity Playlist before remembering that I'm not a celebrity. Back to the column.)

I wrote him back cause yeah - he may have ESPN or err ESP.

When did you write this? Because one of the networks did use "This Isn't It" when coming back from commercial. I was shocked and surprised. Then later that night I went to see Giant Drag at the Troubadour in LA and the singer asked if anyone heard their song on the NFL game today. She went on in her deadpan 6-year old humor voice to say "That validates it all, now we can go out and rape people and get away with anything we want cause were in with the NFL. This is that song" She played the song and at it's conclusion exclaimed "Touchdown!"
I just thought you'd like to know.
I don't regularly read your column but now I may start.

His rants and raves about TV music and sports can be found here at ESPN's website:
  • here

  • and Giant Drag just cause they deserve to rape and pillage this great land of ours


    At 4:58 PM, Blogger angrysquaw said...

    see, ole' what's his name's been telling me I should get into Giant Drag for a while now...

    but you done peaked my interest. I think I shall check them out now.


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