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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

(500) Days Of Summer

I know people are talking a lot about this movie so I want to put my take on the whole thing out there. I didn't hate or like the movie all that much, it wasn't spectacular. It had a little style for the hipster crowd but not enough to call it witty. I do endorse that it definitely shows a type of relationship that is very common. This movie actually hurt me to watch because so many times I have been the guy in the movie who falls for a girl who says they don't believe in relationships or the labels of boyfriend/girlfriend. What do you do in that situation if they show some attraction, and then say "are you OK with that"? You're gonna give in and go with it and hope that she will change. If things don't change the girl or guy always has that out to say "It was never serious". I love Zooey Deschanel and for once I disliked a character she played on screen but only because her performance was too good and I could see or feel like she was breaking my heart. The movie could have gone very dark or very heavy on the romance side, but it stayed in the middle. I can only speak for myself but in reality we know that every girlfriend/boyfriend out there is not gonna be the "one" but it hurts more when someone ,as portrayed in this movie, tells you they are not looking for a relationship and a year down the line end up married. It makes you wonder if that person is lying to themselves or that if fate really controls ones heart. I think I've said to much.


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