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"I hope you've got a big trunk, cause I'm going to need to put my bike in it."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tax Rebate

Spent $300 of it on DVD's and CD's. The Wire (seasons 2-4) - The Breeders - Carolina Liar - Rhianna - School Of Fish - Lord Of War - Curb Your Enthusiasm - Lemonheads Deluxe Edition - Death Cab - The Roots - Flogging Molly - Elvis - ELO - Ryan Adams - MGMT - Portishead - Overwhelming Colorfast - The Ravonettes - The Submarines - oh yeah also some gummi bears and sake. oh yeah again and that movie Indiana Jones and the "something" of the crystal "something". I almost bought some porn but I figure the government has already got enough of it's cash in the dirty business


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